Inscription Fee and Payment

Payment of the Inscription fee is a requisite for presentation of a paper at the Conference (one fee per paper). Only the papers personally presented and discussed at the Conference are eligible for the Springer's LNCS post-Conference Volume.

Conference Inscription Fee : € 450.00 (Money transfer and online payment)

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Conference Registration Fee : 450.00 € (Money transfer and online payment)

Payment Method

  • Money transfer order to Fundación Canaria Universitaria de Las Palmas (CIF G-35073303), EUROCAST 2022, CAIXA BANK, IBAN: ES70 2038 8745 91 6800002629; SWIFT: CAHMESMMXXX
    Transfer concept: (Identification Number, First Name and Last Name)
    You must send a copy of the Bank transfer slip to
    It is a requisite to make effective the payment fee.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the Registration fee transfer is by an Institution or a Company, please ask to send a name list of the persons covered to